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Terminator 3 fans remember Kristanna Loken’s entrance into the human world. In that film, you can see the beautiful blonde actress show off her hot body. She walks fully naked and creates an instant boner at the beginning of the movie for all fans. Other movies you can see sex GIFS of her are from Body of Deceit and Lime Salted Love. Lesbian sex GIFS lovers can see many of them showing her body from the hit cable show The L Word.

Nicole Kidman is considered one of the sexiest and hottest actresses in Hollywood. In addition, many see her as a MILF or a mature woman worthy of drooling over. Fans can enjoy endless animated sex GIFS and porn pics of the blonde celebrity. Her small, but firm juicy tits are shown in the movie Big Little Lies. In the film Eyes Wide Shut, she also showed off her tits, ass and entire body. Plus, you can see her having sex in the movie as well. For a chance to see her fuzzy red hair pussy, check out GIFS from the movie Billy Bathgate. Porn lovers and celebrity fans who enjoy a hairy pussy have plenty of options when it comes to celebrity sex GIFS. Actress Olivia Wilde shows her furry beaver in the HBO series Vinyl. While that is not a mainstream movie, it is worth mentioning. You can see Olivia nude in several Hollywood movies though. Some are Alpha Dog, Third Person and Deadfall.

Penelope Cruz is one of the most gorgeous and hottest Latina stars in the world. Those who dreamed of seeing her nice breasts got more than enough in the movie “Jamon, Jamon.” In that film, you can see Penelope get her tits sucked on by another actor. She also gets fucked in the movie during several different scenes. Another movie where you can see more of Penelope Cruz and her perfect tits are in “Abre Los Ojos” (Open Your Eyes). There is also The Girl of Your Dreams, Woman on Top and Broken Embraces, among other movies where she takes off her clothes. Lola Le Lann is another hot actress with great tits who strips in front of the camera. In the film Girls, actress Jemima Kirke gives us a shot of her left breast.

Another hot Latina actress who has everything going for her when it comes to looks, body and tits is Salma Hayek. Fans can get to see her nude and having sex in several porn GIFS. In the film Ask the Dust, Salma does not disappoint as she wanders fully naked into the water. In that movie, she also performs simulated sex various times. Other films to check her out are Frida, The Velocity of Gary and Desperado. Ana De Armas is another Latin beauty who has an angelical face and stunning body. In the film Knock Knock, viewers can see her big round nipples and juicy tits.

There are dozens of other celebrity sex GIFS of actresses and actors you can view. A few stars you should search for are the sultry Angelina Jolie and the MILF Diane Lane. The same for the big bosom Heather Graham, Halle Berry and Jennifer Lawrence. Riley Keough shows off her breasts in The Girlfriend Experience and so does Dakota Johnson. In all, the web is full of hot free sex GIFS belonging to celebrities. They are all there waiting for you with a simple search and click of a button.