Best online dating apps 2018

In today’s tech advanced world, finding about anything you want online is easier than ever. This includes discovering someone to go out on a date with. Whether you are looking for a serious relationship or a simple one-night stand, the tools are there. The web is full of online dating sites that can help you find singles in your area. Or as far away from where you live as well. But with so many different dating sites, finding which ones are actually worth the effort can be daunting. This list of the best online dating apps for 2018 will help make it much easier.

Tinder – With more than 50 million users, it is one of the most popular dating apps ever. But Tinder isn’t for everyone; especially those seeking long-term relationships. For those who want quick hook ups without any strings attached, the dating site is a must use. There are millions of people here looking to have casual sex. The app is highly recognized for is pioneering swipe yes and no feature. It lets you see images of potential matches and you simply say yes to the ones you like. You can swipe no to the ones you don’t.

Zoosk – Not only is Zoosk highly rated by users, it is also free. To make it even easier to connect with others, it has integration with social media sites such as Google + and Facebook. You can download an application for either Android or Apple.

Elite Singles – In case you want to only date the cream of the crop, this is the site for you to choose. You will find nothing but top of the line members here. Over 80 percent of Elite Singles users are educated with high degrees such as master’s or bachelor’s. Finding a successful executive, doctor or scientist is easy on this site. The site utilizes a unique and innovative algorithm method to find you a match.

eHarmony – This site is great for anyone who wants to settle down or look for a serious relationship. They have a different standard for their members allowing only heterosexual members. That means only straight people who are monogamous minded can join. But the site is not free to use and has a long list of questions you must answer. The latter is done to help its algorithm find you the best potential pair.

Match – Creating a profile, uploading your photos and checking out other singles from all over is free and easy on Match. But, there are other costs once you want to use extra features. Nonetheless, Match is one of the most popular and user-friendly dating sites around. They do cater to the older generation since about 56% of users are over 30 years old.

OkCupid – Besides finding a casual fling here, you can also set your sites on someone more serious. The site is free to use, but has extra added features for those that pay.

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